Tamara Stoneburner: Family Tree Charts

Family Tree Charts
Tamara Stoneburner
Thursday, July 18, 2019
All day

This is a workshop that introduces how to begin organizing the information you have to create a chart that not only presents this information, but does it through a very aesthetic and considered approach. This will cover how to do effective research and what to include in the chart vs. what can be left out. We’ll discuss supplies needed and where to get them. The first half of the workshop will be a talk about how to incorporate symbols and color to assist in visual navigation of a chart. Also, I’ll present when to use a direct-line-of-descendency format vs. a fully-branched/spreading layout, as well as how to handle unusual situations that occur (adoptions/out ofwedlock/ multiple marriages/divorce). During the second half, each participant will develop a basic design and layout to fit the size family he or she has (looking further into several formats such as circular, linear, bookform, semicircular, etc., and choosing the most fitting and appropriate one). This will not result in finished and polished charts; rather, brainstorming and paper and pencil planning will be emphasized.


A mechanical pencil, an eraser of your choice (I use White or Pink Pearl), and a pad of 8 1/2” x 11” gridded graph paper (doesn’t matter the brand; I usually use 4 x 4 grid).

optional Supplies Any kind of translucent tracing vellum, as long as you can see through it and be able to overlay sheets of it as you design your chart. Also, scotch tape might be handy if you end up extending your chart and having to piece pages together.

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