Bill Kemp: Engrossing Script

Engrossing Script
Bill Kemp
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
All day

This class is for both beginners and students who wish to refresh themselves with the basics. Known as both Roundhand and Engrossing Script, this will be a class to provide the basics and true fundamentals of this beautiful script. The focus of this class is learning how to manipulate the pointed pen to create thick down strokes with hairline upstrokes. The Zanerian Manual and its practices will be referenced as we write this script. The morning will be focused on the basic strokes for the lower case and learning those letters. The afternoon will shift to the capital letters and combining them with the lower case letters to form words. Skill level: All 


Oblique pen holder, suggested Nikko G nib (experienced people, bring your favorite pointed nib such as the Zebra, Leonardt Principal, and Gillott 303), McCafery’s ink (any color) or your favorite ink for the pointed pen (suggested inks are Moon Palace, Sumi and Old World Ink). Since a few guide sheets will be in your handouts, an alternative paper would be the lined Clairefontaine tablet of paper or Canson Graph and Layout (8 squares per inch), which could be used in other classes. 

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