Bill Kemp: Flourishing an Envelope

Flourishing an Envelope
Bill Kemp
Thursday, July 14, 2016

This is a half-day class and will focus on adding lourishes to an addressed envelope. Participants for this class should know how to use a pointed pen, which should be everyone by the time this class is ofered. You will need an addressed envelope, where the address does not take up the entire envelope space. Learning a basic lourish that uses a basic compound curve, we will learn how to expound on that curve to add lourishes. Adding some lowers, leaves, stems, and a little color will provide the addressee with a beautiful envelope. Skill Level: All 


An oblique pen holder; suggest a Nikko G nib or Gillott 1068A (experienced individuals can use their favorite nib); McCafery ink (any color) or your favorite ink used with the pointed pen (suggested inks would be Palace Moon, Sumi or Old World Ink); an addressed envelope (if you don’t have an addressed envelope you can improvise one on a sheet of paper); colored pencils (just a few like red, violet, white, green, yellow and brown). 

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