Jake Weidmann: Flourishing Basics

Flourishing Basics
Jake Weidmann
Wednesday, July 15, 2015
All day

This is an introductory course which will cover the dynamics of traditional off-hand flourishing.  In this class we will discuss such fundamental elements as layout, strokes, line relationships, sequence, variety and details which make a strong breath-taking piece.  This is an excellent course for those who are new to flourishing or to anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of flourishing.  We will be composing these individual elements into such traditional patterns as abstract line flourishes, quills, birds, and swans.  We will also discuss (with this foundation) how to apply these practices in your own way to make your work flourish! 


Pencil; smooth white paper; smooth black paper; oblique penholder; straight pen holder; pointed, flexible pen nibs (such as Leonardt Principle or Gillott 303 or Zebra G); black ink (iron gall is preferable); white ink (Dr. Martin’s bleedproof white); paper towels; water and water container; empty ink well; stir sticks or scruffy brushes.

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