Tyler Bowser — Pennsylvania, United States


As a calligraphy enthusiast, I have found this site to be my absolute favorite in terms of lessons and community.  It has helped me master many forms of pointed pen, and it never fails to deliver.  As soon as I get a job going again (currently in a hiatus from my job), I would like to join IAMPETH, and continue to practice and better myself.

Nerine — South Africa - Cape Town


I saw a video of Jake Weidmann & am amazed by the beautiful art that penmanship can create. I'm only 37 but a firm believer that a pen and paper last forever & the beauty of hand writing is what makes it so. I'd love to join the IAMPETH community so I can preserve this dying art form in my personal capacity. With the advancement of technology, our children are slowly losing the ability to write and occupational therapists are laughing all the way to the bank. More teachers like Jake are needed in this world. 

Connie Massey — Houston TX USA


Calligrapher for 25 years & specialize in Copperplate & Hebew script.  I looked at your archive list of Convention location  and from its beginning to recent, Houston was never a location for your Convention.  How come?   I would be attending for sure!   Is venue a problem.  I can find a venue for you if that is the case.   I love writing & it is an honor for me to associate with the Masters.   Thank You

Connie Massey*Kingdom Writing*Calligrapher/Scribe


***IAMPETH Response

The convention sites are normally chosen by the IAMPETH President for that year.  Quite often, they choose their home city, for ease in planning.  There are lots of cities we haven't been to yet, but we're working on it!

Kathy Saunders,  IAMPETH Corresponding Secretary





Michael J. Fisher — Wigan, England


I am 71 years old and since I was 7 or8 I have been able to draw, more specifically, copy.

By the age of 15 I won a scholarship to an art school where I was introduced to many disciplines one being calligraphy. Unfortunately, I was also learning guitar at the time and was 'conned' into joining a band.

The rest of my life was was a see-saw of art and music, consequently, I mastered neither one of the two art forms.

Whilst watching the video of Jake Weidmann in his studio I was moved to tears as his work reminded me of all the wasted years behind me.

Thank you for letting me into the world of penmanship; I think I may spend some time trying a little of what remains of my feeble technique.

Veerle Evrard — Leuven,


Great website! Thanks a lot. 

Michiel — Netherlands


I also like this website a lot, it looks very good. i was looking for (another website) but stumbled upon your website. it looks very good. Keep it up.

Karola Sánchez — Holland


Thanks for this website. It is really amazing to see all of your videos. I am learning a lot with you.

Alicia — Georgia


teaching myself to letter. good videos.

José Escoto — Santa Ana, Santa Ana


Hello everyone. 

Before saying anything I want to say thank you for such and inspiring and amazing work in preserving this beautiful art and information. This is absolutely amazing!

I am a novice in all of this, and for someone like me who doesn´t know anything is really hard to start learning and even if it´s self taught, so I´d like to suggest an area dedicated for people who wants to start learning from zero to expert. I have seen so many articles in the site but it´s hard to decide where or what start reading and practicing.

Best reggards José Escoto

***IAMPETH Reply***

Kathy Saunders - Webster, NY

Over the last year, much effort has gone into updating the IAMPETH website!  If you go to the "Lessons" tab at the top of any page on the website, you will see a drop-down option for "Getting Started".  Click on that selection and it will take you to several articles, examples and instruction sheets that are all made for the beginner.  This should be very helpful! 

You can also click the "Style" menu on the Lessons page, and choose the style you are interested in.  This should bring up links to articles, and instructions in that particular style. 

Also be sure to check out the "Rare Books" section and the "Videos" section for more information.

Have fun!


Marlene Fair-Fischer — United States


Although my penmanship teacher in elementary school was VERY strict, I honor her commitment to teaching even 70 years later.

Little did she know that I was/am ambidextrous - and that I can still write exactly as she taught me.  I have, however, stylized a bit.

Just to let you know of a typo I found - it's instead of its.

Now that I left that page I can only say my copy/paste did not work and I cannot remember which penmanship writer's autobiography this was found.

Gentle as you go,

Marlene Fair-Fischer

formerly of Cleveland Ohio and a graduating student of the now-defunct O.W. Holmes elementary school on 105th Street, north of St Clair, across from the post office.

Jane Kent — Lindfield, NSW


Dear webmaster,

The new website is absolutely fabulous.  Thank you so so much for this inspirational resource. 

I will never be without inspiration with this site  at hand.  Thank you thank you from sunny Sydney Australia.

Thank you


Salvador Pando — Chapel Hill Tn


I love this web site wish I knew about it before. As well as knowing about IAMPETH existed I am a beginner and so inspired to learn how not only improve my penmanship but to create beautiful and historical looking masterpieces. This has been a goal of mine since I was younger. I am very excited to find this website it is quickly becoming my favorite web site.

Jungwook Han — Seongnam, South Korea


This website is so inspirational! Thank you for all the divine works of art.

Md. Imam Hossain Bhuiyan — Bangladesh


Beautiful thinking. I love this site...

I want to improve my penmanship.

long live IAMPETH

Cristina Ungstad Yu — Silicon Valley


I enjoy the history and artistry of this site. I'm looking for a form of cursive that optimizes speed and legibility.

Kelly Cosby — Waterford, Michigan


I am so glad that I found this website. I used to practice calligraphy writing when I was a young girl and stopped after my mom died. I'm ready to start writing in calligraphy again. Also, I have an high school son who desperately needs help with his penmanship. Since I know I'm with the best I am ready to get started. I'm so excited!

Caleb — Manila, Philippines


Disgruntled with my handwriting i belatedly (am in my later part of 30's) decided to learn Cursive Handwriting; and am on the way to making it! But its hard to shake off the old habit. I want to have the best, and also pass on the best. This website was a real inspiration to me, especially the Lessons - Cursive Handwriting. Happy New Year and God bless you all!!

Amanda — Sterling Heights, MI, US


Just want to say thank you for this website. I love the videos from Dr. Joe demonstrating how to form each letter. Fantastic! My writing is progressing so much faster than I ever thought it would. One thing I haven't been able to figure out though is at what angel to hold the point on the paper...straight on? cocked to the right/left?

Thanks again for the site, it's wonderful!


**IAMPETH Reply** 

Kathy Saunders — Webster, NY


Amanda, You should have a look at the "Lessons" section of the IAMPETH website. You will find *lots* of instructions there, including "getting started with the oblique pen" and "tips on nibs". Of particular interest will be "how to properly hold the oblique pen".

Good luck. Have fun!

Gabe — Adelaide, Australia



I am new to this art. I just love your webpage and would like to continue to improve my Penmanship skills. Thanks for your efforts.


South Australia

Allen — Earth


I like this website! I will improve my writing hand skill!

Thank you! Thank you very much!


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