Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship (Part 3)

Madarasz: 'country and'

The 'x' marks the probable spots where he may have lifted his pen. The small letter 'r' was also used as a lift, just before the final down stroke of the 'i' portion and if not a lift at least a stop.


Madarasz: 'the world'

Notice the lifts used to create his perfect letter forms. Also the spaces between the first and second parts of the 'w' and the last parts of the 'w'. Notice the shade on 'i' portion of the 'l' in world. He slowed his pen just before or at the crossing, pushed little finger down for support and drew the shade down carefully.


Madarasz 'become a'

Notice the top and bottom of the 'b' are the same width.


Madarasz: 'the world'

'x' marks the places he paused and slid the paper (probably). The swing top on the 't' would have been done after the line was written and may have been done after the entire page was completed.