Master Penman Society

The IAMPETH Master Penman Society was created in 2001 and ran until 2015 to recognize members who had achieved a distinguished level of excellence in penmanship and the calligraphic arts - including Business penmanship, Ornamental and Spencerian script, Engrosser's script, Engrossing and Illumination, Offhand Flourishing and Text lettering.

A high degree of proficiency in two of the disciplines was required for consideration. The first group of masters was identified by senior Master Penman and Zanerian Graduate Bill Lilly based on the level of their work. Inductees are chosen by the current Master Penmen.

The responsibilities of the Master Penmen included teaching and disseminating information, identifying potential inductees and serving as mentors for those who desire to increase their own proficiency.

In the tradition of the Zanerian College, Master Penman inductees were required to produce their own certificate as proof of their ability. IAMPETH's philosophy on the achievement is reflected in the wording of the Master Penman certificate:

"For superior achievement in the fine art of penmanship and in keeping with the tradition of the great Master Penmen of the past whose skill set the standards by which all future penmen would be judged. This certificate, executed by him/her, is signed and sealed on this ___ day of ____, two thousand ____ in City, State."