Donation of Doris Greene Smith Update

21 April 2017

Dear Members,

As I stated in my latest letter to you, IAMPETH works as a team, and this is what makes us strong and successful.  In my current role as president, I try to be mindful of everyone’s contribution to that success.  Sometimes, I am unwittingly remiss in doing so.

There are two important and prominent team members I failed to acknowledge in the donation of Mrs. Doris Greene Smith.  They are Michael Sull and Thomas Costello.  Michael had initial contact with Mrs. Smith and made quite an impression on her in his praise of her father’s work and also pulled together hard copies of the Business Educator magazines featuring Mr. Greene’s lessons.  Michael then contacted Tom Costello, asking him to convert these to digital discs, which he did willingly.  Tom spent numerous hours completing this task making sure they were as clean and presentable as possible.  When he finished, Tom shipped the discs and magazines to me for inclusion in our archival collection.

Debi Zeinert, our Web Master, then made sure the discs were uploaded to our Rare Books section on our web site.  This summer at conference, the magazines will be added to our inventory by Neil McCaffery and his team.  This is an outstanding example of the kind of collaboration and hard work which goes on in IAMPETH.

It’s important we maintain our tradition of working together for the sake of penmanship.  Please join me in giving due recognition to Michael, Tom, Debi, and Neil for their parts in the recent addition of the G.C. Greene lessons.

Yours Sincerely and Gratefully,

Bryan Platt, President, 2016-2017

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